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Episode 4.5 Ghana - Cacao                                                                                                         Episode 4.5 Ghana - Cacao

Supply Chain Broadcast

A multimedia platform aiming to connect the dispersed members of global supply chains. The first series focused on coffee producers in Kenya and the Netherlands, with special episodes looking into other resources such as second hand clothes and flowers.

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A collaboration with the International Development Master at the Universiteit van Amsterdam and Juhee Hahm.

Media Production, Action Research

By collecting stories from different supply chain communities (farmers, importers, auctioneers etc) and sharing these throughout the chain we aimed to increase awareness of the wider coffee industry, empowering social change within it. Many people we interviewed had no idea of the industries full extent so we were able to share new experiences with them; for example smallholder farmers tasting European roasted Kenyan coffee for the first time and a local roaster in Mathare working with top quality beans from the Nairobi coffee exchange.