The Sense Makers

Meet the 8 Sense Makers, your connection to the language of space.

Air taster

A clean air connoisseur, it increasingly distorts the sounds of the space when pollution is present.

Colour reader

Pays close attention to the RGB values of the world around it, producing a pitch for each colour.

Code listener

Interested in the unique codes of your cards, door openers, metro check ins. Each plays a new melody.

Light sniffer

Highly sensitive to ambient light levels, its song will fragment in darkness.

Noise watcher

It feels the loudness of the space around it and competes to be heard.

Pulse seeker

Curious about human rhythms, it will create a kick every time it feels a pulse.

Vibration Eater

Hungry for the energy of passing footsteps and other movements in the space, it emits a hiss in satisfaction.

Watcher Catcher

The presence of liquid will cause it to reverberate and echo the sounds of the other Sense Makers.

The controller

Whilst you are not able to fully control the data and sounds of the environment around you this interface allows you to work with them.