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The Sense Makers introduce themselves together

센소리 (Sensori)

Sensori is an experimental instrument for counting and converting environmental data into sound, a modular ritual system for deep listening and reflection on the spaces we inhabit.

A collaboration with Dongju Seo. Powered by ZER01NE.

Data Networking, Sound Design, 3D Modelling

How can cultural production evolve through expanding sensory experience? As new forms of digital and biological sentience appear in the 21st century, how can human beings adapt their methods of expression to effectively understand and communicate with these new lifeforms? These questions drove the design process of Sensori. Click here for a detailed write up of references and thinking.

Eight Sense Maker totems gather data and transmit it to a controller which can be used to manipulate elements of the audio in real time. Each totem is connected to a different aspect of the environment. Air Taster is a clean air connoisseur, it increasingly distorts the sounds of the space when pollution is present. Colour Reader pays close attention to the RGB values of the world around it, producing a pitch for each.

Code Listener is interested in the unique codes of your cards, door openers, metro check ins. Each plays a new melody. Light Sniffer is highly sensitive to ambient light levels, its song will fragment in darkness. Noise Watcher feels the loudness of the space around it and competes to be heard. Pulse Seeker is curious about human rhythms, it will create a kick every time it feels a pulse. Vibration Eater is hungry for the energy of passing footsteps and other movements in the space, it emits a hiss of satisfaction. If liquid is present Watcher Catcher will reverberate and echo the sounds of the other Sense Makers.