↝ A mobile village hall designed to encourage perspective sharing. Part of a communication platform I co-founded at Ravensbourne, this portable studio acted as the centre of the SE10 community, gluing together the digital offshoots in physical space.
During my BA study at Ravensbourne other students and staff often asked why there was not a platform for people to share work in progess and gain new insights and feedback from their collegues. In response I fostered the creation of a framework that would allow people to broadcast their discussions, ideas or music to the Ravensbourne Community. As it grew I began to attempt to add other mediums such as video and print which led to a publication documenting the whole experience. SE10 was designed to be remade by subsiquent student cohorts and as such there have been several iterations since my graduation.
Listen to the archives on AudioBoom, Mixcloud and Soundcloud.