Supply Chain City

↳ A speculative future in which the global coffee industry has become an autonomous city-state which is driven by goals agreed on by all its members, with the help of sentient intelligence systems. Container Scope VR headsets are used for communication and monitoring.
Created as part of my investigation into the supply chains of coffee in Kenya and the Netherlands, this research was centred around the following questions. [1] Can we create empathic connections between dispersed communities of the global supply chain and use them for learning? [2] Can production have a balanced effect on the total environment?

To imagine potential answers to these questions I designed Supply Chain City, a social entity with no fixed geographic borders and outside the juristrition of nation states. It is centred around common economic and social goals decided by all its citizens, with the help of sentient algorithms. Along with a text and illustrations I designed a series of interactive objects to bring the world to life and make the research accessible to a wider audience. These included a set of models depicting the different links in Supply Chain City which can be used to explain and understand the interactions of the city. I also created a pair of Container Scope VR headsets used for communication along the supply chain.
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