Le Voci Echeggiano Nell’era Digitale

☞ An opera depicting flex workers' struggle for representation in an age of deregulated employment. Performed at the Dutch National Opera in Amsterdam. Collaboration with UvA's International Dramaturgy Master, Jack Waghorn and Mattius van Malta.
The story follows delivery workers searching for certainties in their work. Amidst traditional trade unions, the flexible platform economy and hidden contract clauses they must discover an effective way to fight for their rights. Content and inspiration was gathered through working as a bezorger in the platform economy, joining the FNV and Riders Union, attending protests at Deliveroo headquaters and the Dutch Parliament and by interviewing experts. The opera performance offered a cathartic space of reflection for the riders and unionists involved. It was accompanied by a publication documenting the research process.
Watch a digital version of the performance.