Luke George Hardy Rideout

A transdisciplinary designer, thinker and maker. Research led interventions, focusing on sustainable systems and strategies for the 21st century.



An experiment in cross-species communication, using Telofarm's precision sap-flow sensors to bring virtual plants to life in a web app.

Game Design, UX/UI
+ YOYOJIN Creative Lab  —  Character Design
+ Studio ing-er

Re-Permissioning the City2021

Early stage development of a chatbot platform designed to facilitate co-creation of civic events and cultural infastructure.

UX Research, Prototyping Tools
+ Dark Matter Labs Korea
+ Daegu Techno Park

포장농방 - 틈사이로2021

Pojang Nongbang's second iteration proposes a planet-centric approach to urban infrastructure, with biodiversity as its core metric.

Concept, Design, Installation
+ 요요진
+ 민성홍
@ Art Space ㅇ


Interactive storytelling based on an investigation into the urban metabolism of Haebangchon (Seoul) post Covid-19. Featuring a custom built dance mat.

Game Design, UX/UI
+ 요요진
+ 김다예
@ Seoul Hall of Urbanism & Architecture

Piece Seoul2020

A platform for artists to exchange excess materials and keep throwaway exhibtion furnishings out of landfill through reuse. Created as part of the 2nd AYARF residency.

Identity, Business Model
+ 김준영
+ 우유니
Piece Seoul

Pojang Nongbang2020

An art business proposing to revitalise neglected or mismanaged public space using sculptural growing installations to replace bureaucorporate public art.

Identity, Installation
+ 요요진
+ 민성홍
@ ZER01NE DAY 2020


Sensori is an experimental instrument for counting and converting environmental data into sound. 6 Sense Maker totems gather data such as vibration frequency, air quality, colours and RFIDs whilst a central controller allows visitors to manipulate the data into an ever evolving soundscape.

Sound Design, Installation
+ 서동주
@ ZER01NE DAY 2020

Method Futures2019

Workshop tools designed to facilitate sustainable cleaning brand Method in assessing and repositioning their brand in response to complex challenges of the 21st century.

Design, Prototyping Tools
+ Forum for the Future

놀자우나 Nol Jauna2019

An installation to temporarily reinvigorate a disused public bathhouse in Angye-myeon. By interpreting and combining local perspectives, 놀자우나 was a space where potential futures for the town could be explored through interaction.

Sound Design, Installation
+ Space Bakers
+ Indie 053

Supply Chain Broadcast2019

A multimedia platform aiming to connect the dispersed members of global supply chains. The first series focused on coffee producers in Kenya and the Netherlands, with special episodes looking into other resources such as second hand clothes, chocolate and flowers.

Concept development, Media production
+ Space Bakers
@ The University of the Underground

Voci Echeggiano Nell’era Digitale2019

An opera depicting flex workers' struggle for representation in an age of deregulated employment. Informed by work in the platform economy and participation in trade unions.

Opera Production, Action Research
+ Jack Waghorn
+ Mattius van Malta  —  Dramaturgy
+ FNV Rider's Union
@ Dutch National Opera

Cycle Tours2018

Live infographics to communicate the immense efforts of professional cyclists. Working with an international team of data analysts, producers and editors to bring the most important stories alive for a growing community of cycling fans.

Infographics, Animation
+ VelonCC

UEFA Champions League2018

Digital content production for UEFA’s various social media channels. Live data visualisation on match nights, responding to specific events as they unfolded. Retouching 3D scans of players for Champions League final social and TV content.

Infographics, 3D
+ Repronauts
+ Deltatre


Art direction for NANOcam’s super adaptable audiovisual kits. The photography emphasises their ability to fit into virtually any production environment regardless of size and shape, from the cockpit of a Formula 1 car to a scuba diver’s helmet.

Sculpture, Art Direction
+ Collaborate


Radio station co-founded at Ravensbourne. The portable studio acted as a mobile village hall for the SE10 community, gluing together its digital offshoots in physical space.

Radio Production, Prototyping
Archives 2016-17
Archives 2015-16


MA Design of Experiences
Sandberg Instituut [NL]

BA Graphic Design
Ravensbourne [UK]


—  Visual Language
—  Moving Image
—  Concept R&D
—  Web Design
—  Media Production
—  Game Design
—  Physical/Digital Prototyping
—  Sound Design

Clients and Collaborators

+  Telofarm [KR]
+  Dark Matter Labs [KR]
+  ZER01NE [KR]
+  Local Trust [UK]
+  Well Told Story [KE]
+  Collaborate [UK]
+  VelonCC [UK]
+  Forum for the Future [US]
+  Deltatre [UK]


Enjoys bike rides,
walks in the forest
& playing records

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