A transdisciplinary designer, thinker and maker.

Working in the fields of Social Design and Visual Communication.

Supply Chain Broadcast

⇰ A multimedia platform aiming to connect the dispersed members of global supply chains. See more.

UEFA Champions League

⇒ Digital content production for UEFA’s social media channels. See more.

Voci Echeggiano Nell’era Digitale

☞ An opera depicting flex workers' struggle for representation. See more.


↻ A social networking concept for the circular economy. See more.

놀자우나 (NOL-JA-UH-NA)

↛ An installation to reinvigorate the public bathhouse in Angye-myeon. See more.


⇉ Art direction for NANO’s super adaptable audiovisual kits. See more.


↝ A mobile village hall designed to encourage perspective sharing. See more.

Stylist Live

⇻ Stage design and exhibition wayfinding for industry leading fashion event. See more.

Supply Chain City

↳ A speculative future where the coffee industry exists as an autonomous state. See more.


↪ Live infographics to communicate the immense efforts of professional cyclists. See more.